Jumellea angustifolia H.Perrier, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 7: 53 (1938).
Plants 25-40 cm, tall, stem rigid, compressed (6-7 mm wide); leaves distichous, numerous, narrowly loriform (7-8 cm x 8 mm), longly contracted-pleated below the center, with 2 equal lobes, deep, narrow and obtuse. Inflorescences shorter titan the leaves; peduncle short (5 mm), entirely covered by the 2-3 large sheaths; bracts tubular, large, obtuse and 6 mm long; flowers white with a green spur. Median sepal oval-obtuse (13.14 x 7 mm), 5 veined, the 2 externals bifurcated, the external branch forming a very obtuse angle with the other part, nearly curved, and returning to completely parallel; lateral sepals slightly narrower, dilate on the front basal margin. Petals oval-oblong (13-14 x 7 mm), 5 veined, the externals several branched. Labellum very concave, 15 mm long, narrowed above the base, nearly geniculate, slightly contracted medially, then enlarged (6 mm), then shortly attenuate toward the obtuse apex, provided above and near the base with a short keel; 9 veined, simple; spur cylindrical, obtuse and short (12 mm). Anther (2.5 mm), excised in front with a very small tooth in the center of the notch: pollina cauda retracted; bandeletts distinct but joined by a common viscidium. Column 4.5 mm tall, auricles sub carinate-obtuse in front, acute behind; median tooth at the rostellum deltoid, but very short. Pedicel generally 3.5 cm long.
Terrestrial, in lichen forests from 2000 m alt., flowering in April.
As given for the genus, cool growing terrestrial orchid.
N. Madagascar
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