Jumellea cyrtoceras Schltr., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 15: 335 (1918).
Plants 15cm and more tall, stem cylindrical (5 mm in diameter) and densely leafy. Leaves lingulate (7-10 cm x 8-11 mm near the center), coriaceous. Inflorescences short; peduncle 10-13 mm long. bearing several sheaths; bracts obtuse, 15 mm long: flowers average (15 mm long). Sepals narrowly oblong or oblong-lingulate, obtuse and 15 mm long. Petals nearly as long, linear-lingulate and obtuse. Labellum longer than the petals, lingulate. slightly attenuate toward the base and sub obtuse apically. the median vein thick and keeled on the upper surface; spur slightly enlarged below the middle, thin and totally cylindrical, subacute, slightly more than half the length of the sepals. Column short. Pedicel 2 cm long generally.
Found in eastern Madagascar in forests.
As given for the genus.
Madagascar (?)
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