Schizochilus calcaratus P.J.Cribb & la Croix, Kew Bull. 48: 364 (1993).

Glabrous terrestrial herb 18-25 cm high; roots not seen. Leaves c. 7, 5-7 x 0-4-1 cm, linear or oblong, the lowest 3-4 semi-erect, the upper 3-4 more or less sheathing and bract-like. Inflorescence 2-3 -5 cm long, c. 1 5 cm wide, densely several-flowered. Flowers bright yellow. Pedicel and ovary 6-8 mm long; bracts 9 mm long, lanceolate, acuminate. Dorsal sepal 3 - 3 - 5 mm long, erect, oblong and cucullate at apex, forming a hood with the petals. Lateral sepals ? deflexed, slightly longer and wider than dorsal sepal. Petals c. 3 x 2 mm, obliquely ovate. Lip 3 x 2 5 mm, wedge-shaped, trilobed in the apical third; mid-lobe c. 0"7 mm long, cucullate and rounded or truncate at apex; side lobes shorter, obtuse, cucullate at apex; spur 11- 12 mm long, slender, slightly curved. Column very short, less than 2 mm long; anther erect; rostellum obscure.

Montane grassland; 1550-1600 m.

Zimbabwe (Chimanimani Mts.)