Galeola humblotii Rchb.f., Flora 68: 378 (1885).
Stems numerous, well branching, not more than .6-1 cm in diameter, densely furfuraceous-tomentose, when young, branches sometimes sub-vertical. Flowers yellow in many flowered clusters, elongating with, age, bracts triangular, not longer than the ovary. Sepals furfuraceous exteriorly, median oblong-obtuse, the laterals triangular-sickle shaped. Petals spatulate cuneiform, obtuse. Labellum transverse, elliptical, denticulate, provided above with a depressed-recurved basally, basal callus and apically with many very short, rigid hairs, provided with a spur. Column straight, slightly gibbous on the upper margins of the anther.
Comoros (Njazidja), Madagascar