Liparis abyssinica A.Rich., Tent. Fl. Abyss. 2: 291 (1850).
Homotypic Synonyms:
Sturmia abyssinica (A.Rich.) Rchb.f. in W.G.Walpers, Ann. Bot. Syst. 3: 527 (1852).
Leptorkis abyssinica (A.Rich.) Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 2: 671 (1891).
Pseudobulbs covered with loose sheaths, 2–3-leaved. Leaves oval or oval-oblong, acute, flat, with sheathing base. Scapes few-flowered. Bracts oval-lanceolate, acute, equalling the ovary. Flowers purple. Dorsal sepal lanceolate, subobtuse; lateral ones half oval, obtuse, united to above the middle. Petals linear. Lip with broad semicanaliculate base, linguiform, obtuse, entire and fleshy above, carunculate above the base.
Not recorded.
The author compares it with the Mauritian Liparis purpurascens, Lindl., and the South Indian Liparis alata, A. Rich, remarking that the leaves are not undulate as in the former, and the rhachis not winged nor the lateral sepals free as in the latter.
As given for the genus.
N. & C. Ethiopia
Flora of Tropical Africa, Vol 7, page 12, (1898) Author: (By R. A. Rolfe.); New Species and Records of Orchidaceae from West Africa Phillip Cribb, Kew Bulletin, Vol. 51, No. 2 (1996), pp. 353-363