Liparis clareae var. angustifolia H.Perrier ex Hermans, Orchids Madagascar, ed. 2: 289 (2007).
Heterotypic Synonyms:
Liparis cardiophylla var. angustifolia H.Perrier, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 5: 244 (1936), nom. inval.
Differing from the type by the narrower leaves (5.5-7 x 2-2.3 cm.), flowers being less numerous (3-5); the sepals longer (10-11 mm.); the petals 2 veined; the labellum larger (8 x 6.5 mm.), limbus rectangular, provided basally with a projecting callus. 0.8 mm. tall and notched apically; the column taller (5.5 mm.) and the anther smaller, beak wider and more obtuse.
Terrestrials, in eastern forests, from 700m. alt.
Flowering in February.
As given for the genus.
EC. Madagascar
Flora of Madagascar: vascular plants: 49th family, Orchids / by H. Perrier de La Bathie; published under the auspices of the government of Madagascar and under the direction of H. Humbert; English revision and translation by Steven D. Beckman
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