Liparis nyikana G.Will., Pl. Syst. Evol. 142: 151 (1983).
Dwarf epiphytic herb to 12 cm tall. Pseudobulbs 12–28 × 4–8 mm, conical, green, set close together on the rhizome. Leaves 3–6, lowermost 2–3 sheathing, the rest semi-erect, 6–8 × 2–4 cm, ovate, acute, somewhat ribbed. Inflorescence c. 5 cm long, rather laxly up to 6-flowered; peduncle with 1 bract c. 1 mm long. Flowers erect, very small, 3 mm in diameter, greenish-yellow turning straw-coloured with age, lip with a reddish central line. Pedicel 2 mm long, ovary 5 mm long; bracts 3 mm long, ovate. Dorsal sepal 4–5 × 0.8 mm, linear, erect; lateral sepals 2–3 × 1–3 mm, united for most of their length, projecting forwards and lying under the lip. Petals 3–5 mm long, narrowly linear, almost filiform. Lip c. 3 × 3 mm, quadrate, curving back, with 2 calli at the base and a thickened central line; margin undulate. Column arched, 1.5–2 mm long.
Evergreen forest, on mossy trunks and branches of forest trees, usually near streams 2000–2350 m.
As given for the genus.
Tanzania to N. Malawi
Flora Zambesiaca, Vol 11, Part 1, (1995) Author: I. la Croix and P.J. Cribb; New Liparis Species (Orchidaceae) from South Central and East Africa Graham Williamson, Plant Systematics and Evolution, Vol. 142, No. 3/4 (1983), pp. 149-156; THE ORCHIDS OF MALAŴI Brian Morris, The Society of Malawi Journal, Vol. 35, No. 2 (1982), pp. 7-23
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