Liparis remota J.Stewart & Schelpe, Amer. Orchid Soc. Bull. 50: 552 (1981).
Appears to be very close to Liparis bowkeri. A terrestrial, epiphytic, or lithophytic species. Pseudobulbs conical or ovoid, 2-5 cm tall, set 3-5 cm apart on creeping stems. Leaves 4-7 x 2-3.5 cm, elliptic, with a narrow sheathing base about as long again. Inflorescences terminal, 10-15 cm long, 3- to 8-flowered. Flowers pate green. Dorsal sepal 6 mm long, strap- shaped. Lateral sepals 5 x 3 mm, joined at the base an4 projecting forwards to lie below the lip. Petals 6 x 1 mm, linear, deflexed. Lip 4 x 4 mm, rhomboid to orbicular, acute, without a callus.
Forest, below 400 m (1300 ft.).
Potted in a fairly fine bark mix (extra leaf mold can be added, but the drainage must be free), at intermediate temperatures, in moderate to heavy shade. Water well while growing, but keep almost dry when the plant is resting. Flowering happens from late spring to early autumn (Liltved and Johnson, 2012
S. Cape Prov. to Swaziland
Johnson, S. & Bytebier, B. (2015) Orchids of South Africa. A field guide . Struik nature, Cape Town, South Africa; Liltved, W.R. & Johnson, S.D. (2012) The Cape orchids. A regional monograph of the orchids of the Cape floristic region 2: 485-1022. Sandstone editions, Cape Town
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