Platycoryne latipetala Summerh., Kew Bull. 13: 64 (1958).

Terrestrial herb 30–50 cm tall. Leaves 7–10 spaced along the stem, the 2 lowermost sheath-like, the largest up to 8 × 0.8 cm, lanceolate. Inflorescence subumbellate, densely 2–6-flowered.Flowers bright yellow, suberect or slightly spreading. Ovary and pedicel 13–20 mm long; bracts c. 15 mm long. Dorsal sepal erect, 9.5–10.5 × 6–8 mm, broadly ovate, convex; lateral sepals spreading and curving up, 9.5–10.5 × 5–5.5 mm, obliquely ovate-elliptic. Petals 9–10.5 × 4.5–5 mm, broadly curved-lanceolate, adnate to dorsal sepal. Lip porrect, entire, 7.5–9.5 × 4.5–6 mm, broadly lanceolate or oblanceolate; spur 13–14.5 mm long, slender, swollen at apex; incurved. Anther 3.5 mm high. Stigmatic arms 2–4 mm long. Rostellum 3.5–4 mm long, the mid-lobe taller than the side lobes.

Wet, peaty swamp 1200–1400 m.

S. Zaïre to Zambia