Habenaria section Chlorinae Kraenzl. in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 16: 56, 156 (1892).

Petals entire; lip usually trilobed but sometimes entire. Slender plants with small, green flowers and leafy stems.

Type species: Habenaria chlorina Par. & Rchb.f. (Burma).

Habenaria arenaria Lindl. Mozambique to S. Africa.
Habenaria attenuata Hook.f. Ethiopia to Cameroon and Tanzania SW. Arabian Pen.
Habenaria bicolor Conrath & Kraenzl. Zimbabwe, Gauteng
Habenaria caffra Schltr. Zimbabwe to S. Africa
Habenaria distantiflora A.Rich. Bioko to Yemen.
Habenaria falcicornis (Lindl.) Bolus Zimbabwe to S. Africa.
Habenaria filicornis Lindl. Trop. & S. Africa.
Habenaria hologlossa Summerh. Kenya, Malawi, Angola
Habenaria kornasiana Szlach. S. Zaïre.
Habenaria xanthochlora Schltr. SW. Tanzania to Zambia.

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