Habenaria section Multipartitae Kraenzl. in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 16: 56, 189 (1892).

Robust plants with leafy stems; petals entire, lip trilobed, the side lobes fimbriata. These handsome plants seem to respond well to cultivation.

Type species: Habenaria multipartita Bl. (Java).

Habenaria aethiopica S.Thomas & P.J.Cribb W. & WC. Ethiopia.
Habenaria cavatibrachia Summerh. SE. Ethiopia to Uganda.
Habenaria decorata Hochst. ex A.Rich. Ethiopia to Uganda.
Habenaria egregia Summerh. Cameroon, W. Ethiopia, Kenya.
Habenaria excelsa S.Thomas & P.J.Cribb Ethiopia (Gojam, Bale).
Habenaria falciloba Summerh. S. Zaïre to NW. Zambia.
Habenaria gilbertii S.Thomas & P.J.Cribb Ethiopia (Shewa).
Habenaria jaegeri Summerh. Sierra Leone to Guinea.
Habenaria mannii Hook.f. Nigeria to Cameroon, Gulf of Guinea Is.
Habenaria occlusa Summerh. SW. Tanzania.
Habenaria praestans Rendle Ethiopia to S. Trop. Africa.
Habenaria praestans var. praestans Ethiopia to S. Trop. Africa.
Habenaria praestans var. umbrosa G.Will. Malawi to Zambia.
Habenaria quartiniana A.Rich. Eritrea to Uganda.
Habenaria splendens Rendle Ethiopia to Zambia.
Habenaria splendentior Summerh. Burundi to Zambia.
Habenaria tetraceras Summerh. Tanzania to Zambia.

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