Habenaria section Commelynifoliae Kraenzl. in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 16: 56, 136 (1892).

Large plants with leafy stems; petals entire, lip either entire or trilobed.

Type species: Habenaria commelynifolia Lindl. (India, Burma).

Habenaria bequaertii Summerh. E. Zaïre to SW. Uganda.
Habenaria coeloglossoides Summerh. E. Zaïre to SW. Uganda.
Habenaria epipactidea Rchb.f. Ethiopia to S. Africa.
Habenaria insolita Summerh. S. Tanzania to Malawi.
Habenaria nigerica Summerh. Togo, Nigeria.
Habenaria nigrescens Summerh. Nigeria to Cameroon.
Habenaria platyanthera Rchb.f. NW. Ethiopia.
Habenaria procera (Afzel. ex Sw.) Lindl. Trop. Africa.
Habenaria zambesina Rchb.f. Trop. Africa.

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