Habenaria section Macrurae Kraenzl. in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 16: 55, 91 (1892).

Attractive plants with leafy stems and white scented flowers. Petals bilobed, lip trilobed with broad segments. Confusingly, does not include H. macrura.

Type species: Habenaria perbella Rchb.f. (Ethiopia).

Habenaria argentea P.J.Cribb Zambia.
Habenaria macroplectron Schltr. S. Zaïre to Angola.
Habenaria macruroides Summerh. Tanzania to Zambia.
Habenaria mirabilis Rolfe Tanzania to Zambia.
Habenaria perbella Rchb.f. Ethiopia to Eritrea.
Habenaria walleri Rchb.f. Trop. Africa.

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