Habenaria decaptera Rchb.f., Flora 65: 531 (1882).
Homotypic Synonyms:
Bilabrella decaptera (Rchb.f.) Szlach. & Kras, Richardiana 6: 197 (2006).
Plant stout. Stem 20–24 in. high. Leaves appressed to the scape, long sheathing, firm, pilose, linear-lanceolate, acuminate, 3 1/4–6 in. long, the upper decreasing to the bracts. Racemes dense, many-flowered. Bracts long, lanceolate, acuminate or aristate, pellucid, scarious, 2/3 as long as the pedicels. Pedicels as long as or shorter than the spur. Flowers white, 8 lin. diam. Dorsal sepal oblong, cuneate, concave, acute; lateral cuneate, rounded in front, apiculate on the posterior margin. Petals bipartite; lobes obtuse; anterior lobe a little larger than the posterior. Lip trilobed; lobes oblong-lanceolate; side lobes acute, otherwise like the petal lobes, a little smaller than the front lobe; spur filiform, straight, 1 1/2–1 3/4 in. long; apex thickened. Stigmatic processes cochleate, truncate in front. Anther channels 1/3 longer than the stigmas. Rostellum linear, small, concealed under the anther.