Cynorkis Section Lowiorchis H. Perr.
Rostellum with long or short arms, always entire to a certain distance in front of the anther, median lobe double, bilabiate or almost, the superior lip reduced with 1-2 small, projecting, obtuse, or to the contrary developed in an obliquely ascending lamina, the inferior part membranous, forming a gutter or curved lobe; labellum always 4 lobed, or trilobed with the median lobe more or less deeply bifid.
Type species:
Cynorkis lowiana Rchb.f.


Cynorkis aphylla Schltr. N. Madagascar.
Cynorkis fimbriata H.Perrier ex Hermans N. & C. Madagascar.
Cynorkis lowiana Rchb.f. Madagascar.
Cynorkis orchioides Schltr. W & NC. Madagascar.
Cynorkis sambiranoensis Schltr. N. & W. Madagascar.

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