Cynorkis Section Hemiperis H. Perr.

Plants generally thin, inflorescence often loosely several flowered; flowers of small or average size, sometimes inverted. Rostellum in a flat. horizontal, often dentate or apically lobed lamina, with teeth or lobules on the same plain, always very short; channel of the anther joined by the lamina of the rostellum, the viscidium resting on the apical teeth or lobes. Lateral sepals and petals often slightly joined basally to the labellum.
(with group I, II, and group III with sup-group A, B, C, D, E)

Key to the groups:

1 Flowers inverted, the labellum above Group 1.
1a Flowers in the normal position, the labellum below  
2 Channel of the anther longer than the upper margins of the rostellum, which appear to have 4 teeth
apically; rostellum also more or less notched deeply, medially this notch replacing the median tooth
Group 2. 
2a Rostellum subentire, bidentate with a single median notch or bidentate apically Group 3. 

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