A key to the species of Bonatea

1 Leaves in a basal rosette 2
1b Leaves cauline, not in a basal rosette 3
2 Spur 20-47 mm long Bonatea polypodantha
2b Spur 53-70 mm long Bonatea pulchella
3 Spur >74 mm 4
3b Spur <69 mm 5
4 Lip lateral lobes 35-60 mm long Bonatea steudneri
4b Lip lateral lobes 106-135 mm long Bonatea lamprophylla
5 Leaves withered at flowering time 6
5b Leaves not withered at flowering time 7
6 Lip median lobe straight; rostellum elongate-rostrate Bonatea stereophylla
6b Lip median lobe geniculate; rostellum cucullate Bonatea porrecta
7 Tooth lacking in spur mouth Bonatea rabaiensis
7b Tooth present in spur mouth 8
8 Rostellum lateral lobes longer than median lobe Bonatea volkensiana
8b Rostellum lateral lobes shorter than median lobe 9
9 Leaves linear-lanceolate; rostellum median lobe narrowly cucullate; bracts dry at anthesis 10
9b Leaves ovate, oblong or broadly lanceolate; rostellum median lobe cucullate; bracts green at anthesis 11
10 Lower petal lobes ( 13-) 16-24x0.5-2.0(-3.0) mm; lip lateral lobes 0.5-2.0 mm wide Bonatea saundersioides
10b Lower petal lobes 8-15(-19)x(1.5-)3.0-8.0 mm; lip lateral lobes (1.5)2.0-6.5 mm wide Bonatea cassidea
11 Clavate apex of spur > 15 mm long; lower petal lobe >2 mm wide; lower petal lobes projecting forwards and deflexed Bonatea speciosa
11b Clavate apex of spur < 15 mm long; lower petal lobe <2 mm wide 12
12 Lower petal lobe (18-)24-43 x 0.5-2.0 mm, projecting forwards and ascending; stigmatic processes (11 —) 15—22 mm long Bonatea antennifera
12b Lower petal lobes 11 24(—28) x 0.5-2.0(-2.5) mm, spreading horizontally; stigmatic processes 8-15 mm long Bonatea boltonii

World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; 12/12/2013