Schizochilus crenulatus H.P.Linder, J. S. African Bot. 46: 422 (1980).
Plants 100-350 mm tall; leaves 5-6, lower 2-4 clustered basally, linear, acute, c. 70 x 4 mm, remainder scattered on the scape and grading into the bracts. Inflorescences lax, nodding spikes, 30-150 mm long, 6-25-flowered; bracts half as long as the 6 mm long ovaries. Flowers 5 mm in diameter, white with mauve veins. Sepals subequal, 5-7 mm long; median galeate, narrowly oblong-ovate to oblong-ovate, acute; laterals suboblique, lanceolate to narrowly ovate, acute, often longer than the median. Petals subobliquely rhomboid, acute, curved over the anther. Lip 6-7 x 3-4 mm, disc with a ridge or filamentous crests; midlobe acute, 2 mm long; side lobes rounded or truncate, usually crenulate, 1 mm long; spur straight, sub clavate, 2-3 mm long.
Restricted to the grassland on the plateau at Graskop (Mpumalanga), where it grows along the margins of exposed bedrock. Flowering from December to February.