Holothrix johnstonii Rolfe, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1896: 47 (1896).

Terrestrial herb (6)16–30 cm tall. Tubers two or three, c. 15 × 10 mm, ovoid. Leaves 2, appressed to ground, fleshy, 3–6 × 2.3–6 cm, broadly ovate to heart-shaped, dark glossy-green with long, weak white hairs. Scape without sheaths, with spreading hairs. Inflorescence up to 10(15)-flowered, flowers secund; ovary 3–6 mm long; bracts 5–7 × 2.5–4 mm, ovate, hairy. Flowers c. 2 cm in diameter, white to rose-pink, usually opening pale and darkening with age; sepals greenish-purple. Sepals 5–7 × 2–3 mm, ovate, hairy. Petals entire, 12–17 × 2 mm,linear-oblong, obtuse, with a slightly raised median nerve. Lip 12–17 mm long, 5–7-lobed, the lobes 2–4 mm long, obtuse, with raised median nerves. Spur 2–3 mm long, conical, obtuse, upturned at apex. Ovary ovoid, constricted at top just below the flower, hairy.

Rock slabs and seepage slopes, exposed or in shade of rocks 1300–2310 m.

S. Malawi