Holothrix micrantha Schltr., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 20(50): 31 (1895).

Terrestrial herb c. 16 cm tall. Leaf 1, withered at flowering time. Scape without sheaths, with long spreading hairs. Inflorescence 4–7 cm long, several- to many-flowered; ovary 2–5 mm long; bracts long ciliate. Flowers buff. Sepals 1.5–1.7 × 1.3 mm, ovate, hairy. Petals 3.8 × 1 mm, narrowly lanceolate, obtuse, entire, opaque and fleshy towards the tip. Lip 3.5 × 3.9 mm, divided to about halfway into 5 lobes, the entire part 1.7 mm long, the lobes 1.4–1.8 mm long. Spur 1.7 mm long, conical, obtuse. Anther 2 mm long. Ovary glabrous.

Submontane grassland, usually following annual burn.

Zimbabwe, Gauteng