Holothrix pleistodactyla Kraenzl. in H.G.A.Engler (ed.), Pflanzenw. Ost-Afrikas, C: 151 (1895).
Heterotypic Synonyms:

Holothrix rorida G.Will., Kirkia 13: 245 (1990).

Terrestrial herb 10–18 cm tall. Tubers 2, c. 15 × 18 mm, ovoid. Leaves 2, appressed to ground, usually withered at flowering time, c. 15 mm long and wide, orbicular, apiculate. Scape without sheaths, pink with white spreading hairs. Inflorescence fairly laxly 3–10-flowered, flowers secund; ovary 4–6 mm long, erect; bracts 2–5 mm long, ovate, acute, hairy. Flowers non-resupinate, c. 7 mm in diameter, cream to pale yellow, sepals green. Sepals 2–4 × 1–1.5 mm, lanceolate to ovate, acute, glabrous. Petals 5–7 mm long, with 3 slender lobes 2–2.5 mm long. Lip similar but with 8–10 lobes.Spur 1.7–3 mm long, obtuse, more or less straight then upcurved at apex. Column very short. Ovary glabrous.

Dry montane grassland, after burning 2130–2300 m.

Tanzania to Malawi