Brachycorythis pilosa Summerh., Kew Bull. 10: 259 (1955).
Homotypic Synonyms:

Afrorchis pilosa (Summerh.) Szlach., Richardiana 6: 82 (2006).

Terrestrial herb 25–70 cm tall with fleshy, cylindrical, woolly roots. Leaves numerous, up to 5 × 1 cm, lanceolate to ovate, acute or acuminate, velvety-hairy. Inflorescence up to 21 × 5 cm, densely many-flowered; ovary and pedicel 20 mm long; bracts leaf-like, c. 30 mm long. Flowers faintly scented, pale greenish-cream, brown-spotted inside; lip pinkish. Sepals slightly pubescent on the outside; dorsal sepal 5.7–6.5 × 1.5–2.8 mm, elliptic, rounded; lateral sepals 6–7 × 2.8–3.5 mm, obliquely ovate. Petals 4.5–5.8 × 2–2.5 mm, obliquely lanceolate or ovate. Lip hypochile forming a rounded spur 2–3 mm long; epichile flat, 4–5 × 4–6 mm long, hanging down, broadly obovate to ± orbicular, equally 3-lobed at the apex. Column stout, 3–4 mm long.

Scrub woodland, grassland and swamp 1650–1700 m.

W. Tanzania to S. Trop. Africa