Benthamia humbertii H.Perrier, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 81: 35 (1934).

Plants robust terrestrials, 50-70 cm tall tubers numerous, fusiform: stern thick (5-10 mm in diameter), bearing 2-3 very loose sheaths in the lower half, the 2 superiors blackish extremely, then above with 2-3 developed leaves and several other sheaths above those, gradually becoming similar to the bracts. Leaves very thick, widely oval-lanceolate (6-8 x 2-4 cm), acuminate-acute. Inflorescence elongated (15-18 cm.) cylindrical (2-2.4 cm diameter), densely many flowered: bracts narrowly lanceolate, acuminate-acute, 1 veined, the inferiors slightly longer than the Power: flowers greenish-yellow, thick and short (5 mm without the pedicel). Sepals widely elliptical (4 x 1.9-2 mm), slightly concave, very obtuse, I veined, Petals similar to the sepals but being slightly larger. Labellum widely obovate (5 x 4.5 mm), thick, trilobed in its apical third, lobes short, obtuse, nearly equal, the median slightly larger; spur compressed, twice as wide as long (1 x 2 mm). Anther obtuse, not apiculate, staminodes spatulate, half the length of the anther. Rostellum short and thick, emarginate medially. Pedicel 7-8 mm, long.

SE. Madagascar Endemic.