Benthamia herminioides subsp. angustifolia H.Perrier, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 81: 37 (1934).

Differing from the 3 previous sub-species by the general aspect and the leaves which are shorter and linear, acute (generally 5 cm x 5 mm), Plants not being blackish when dried; bracts equal to the pedicel or slightly shorter, flowers small (2 mm without the pedicel); sepals nearly wider than long, 1 veined; petals widely oval, three-fourths the length of the sepals; labellum small, lobes reduced to 3 teeth, rounded and equal, the median slightly thicker than the laterals; anther apiculate-obtuse; staminodes very short, not more than a quarter the length of the anther; rostellum thin. more tricrenate than trilobed; stigmas distinct, well developed, thick, porrect-claviform, 0.5 mm long, very different from the stigmas of the other 3 subspecies; pedicel elongated (6-7rnm.), slightly arched-reflexed.

In ericoide bushes, from 2600 m alt.; flowering; February.

N. Madagascar