Benthamia catatiana H.Perrier, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 81: 29 (1934).

Plants epiphytic, 30-40 cm tall; stem bearing 2-3 median, loosely arranged leaves. Leaves oblong lanceolate (13-15 x 2-4 cm). Rachis upright, dense, generally 12 cm long, bracts 1 veined, very acute, the inferiors equaling the flowers; flowers yellowish. Sepals narrowly lanceolate, 4.5 mm long, obtuse and 1veined, Petals longer than the sepals, 3 veined basally, thick and nearly cylindrical apically. Labellum boat shaped, entire, attenuate-obtuse in front, 5.5-6 mm long; spur scrotiform-subsquare, wider than long (1 mm). Anther shortly apiculate, staminodes linear and falciform, slightly longer than the anther, rostellum short, median lobe obtuse. Pedicel 6-7 mm long, contracted-necked at both ends.

SW. Madagascar