Satyrium cristatum Sond., Linnaea 19: 84 (1846).
An erect glabrous herb, 25-40 cm. high; leaves 2 radical erectspreading ovate-oblong acute, 6-15 cm. long ; scape straight, clothed with 3-6, closely appressed, acute subimbricate sheaths; spike cylindrical, densely many-flowered, 5-17 cm. long; bracts reflexed lanceolate acuminate, exceeding- the flowers; lateral sepals spreading subfalcate oblong- obtuse, the odd one ligulate, 0,8 cm. long; petals connate with the sepals for a third or a half of their length, and as long; lip connate with the sepals for half its length, galeate, the mouth obovate, reflexed at the apex, the spurs pendent filiform, a little shorter than the ovary; stipe of the column elongate, slightly inflexed at the apex; rostellum projecting forward, almost equally 3 toothed, or the intermediate tooth a little longer; stigmatiferous lobe semi-orbicular, the margins inflexed, a little shorter than the rostellum; ovary 0,9 cm. long.
No data. February, May.
As given for the genus.

Angola to S. Africa
Key to the varieties of Satyrium cristatum
Orchidaceae of West-central Africa, vol. 1, Gdansk University Press Gdansk 2010
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Habitat/In situ  Habitat/In situ 
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Photograph© Warren
McCleland. Image used
with kind permission. 
Photograph© Warren
McCleland. Image used
with kind permission.