Satyrium baronii Schltr., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 24: 423 (1897).

Plants 30-45 cm tall, leaves radical, wide, flat against the soil, often falling prior to flowering, sheaths caulinar, 4-5, the lower ones with an oval lanceolate-acute limbus, the superiors gradually diminishing in size. Inflorescence cylindrical (10-13 x 2-2.5 cm), dense, many flowered; bracts recurved, oval-lanceolate nr lanceolate, acute and diminishing in size from the base to the apex; flowers purple or rose, small (6 mm generally), sepals, petals and labellum joined for more than half their length. Median sepal linear-lingulate (4 x 1 mm), obtuse, much smaller than the laterals (6 x 3 mm), oblong-spatulate and obtuse. Petals similar to the median sepal, 4 mm long, slightly curved-falcate. Labellum slightly shorter than the lateral sepals, hood shaped-obtuse, narrowly keeled on both edges; spur recurved, equal to the length of the pedicel or slightly shorter. Pedicel very glabrous, 8 mm long.

In rocky prairies, from 1100-2200 m alt.; flowering in March-May.

C. Madagascar