Disperis parvifolia Schltr., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 53: 547 (1915).
Very slender terrestrial herb 4–11 cm tall; tubers less than 1 cm in diameter, ± globose, hairy. Leaves 1–2 near base of plant, c. 4 × 4 mm, more or less sheathing, dark green. Inflorescence 1-flowered.Spur green with magenta apex, lateral sepals magenta-purple. Ovary 10 × 3.5 mm, bright green, most conspicuous; bract 6–8 mm long, tightly enclosing lower part of the ovary. Dorsal sepal forming a conical spur 6–6.5 mm long. Lateral sepals free, 2.5–4.5 × 2 mm, obliquely elliptical, concave, with very small, obscure sacs. Petals adnate to the dorsal sepal at mouth of spur, 3.5–4 × 2 mm, obliquely oblong, somewhat lobed on free margin. Lip 4–4.5 mm long including the appendage; limb reflexed, linear, enlarged and hairy at the apex; appendage arising from the limb at the point of reflexion, 1.5 mm long, linear.
In submontane grassland from 1500 to 1675 m. Flowering in January and February.
Cameroon, SW. Tanzania to Malawi