Disperis kilimanjarica Rendle in J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 30: 400, t. 32/8–10 (1895).

Epiphytic or terrestrial herb 5–12 cm tall; tuber 10–15 × 5–10 mm, ovoid. Leaves 2, alternate, 1.5–3.5 × 1.2 cm, ovate, cordate at base. Inflorescence single-flowered. Flowers white tinged with green and sometimes with mauve. Ovary and pedicel 10–11 mm long; bracts leaf-like, 10–15 × 7 mm, ovate. Dorsal sepal 8–16 mm long, joined to petals to form a blunt spur. Lateral sepals 7–12 × 3–5 mm, obliquely ovate, apiculate, each with a sac-like spur 1–2 mm long. Petals 8 × 4 mm, oblong, the free margin irregular. Lip 6 mm long, curved back into spur, the linear claw expanded into a triangular blade reflexed at the tip, with an oblong appendage 3 mm long arising at the point of reflexion, papillate at tip, almost reaching apex of the spur.

In montane or submontane forest on mossy branches and trunks of trees 1750–2250 m.

Kenya to Zambia