Disperis egregia Summerh., Kew Bull. 6: 464 (1951 publ. 1952).

Plants to 180 mm. Leaves 2, alternate or subopposite, ovate, 20-50 × 15-40 mm. Flowers 3, pink; median sepal forming broad and curved spur 12 mm long together with petals, lateral sepals 8-10 mm long, largely joined to form synsepalum 12.5 mm wide, spurs 5 mm long; petals 11.5 mm long, irregularly 3-lobed with one lobe forming side wall of spur; lip 10.5 mm long, hidden in spur, with fleshy carrot-shaped and apically bifid papillose structure on top.

In moss on rocks in forest from 900 to 1050 m. Flowering in May and June.

Very localised in Tanzania and Kenya.