Corycium microglossum Lindl., Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl.: 369 (1839).
Homotypic Synonyms:

Pterygodium microglossum (Lindl.) Schltr., Bull. Herb. Boissier 6: 858 (1898).

A glabrous erect robust herb, 15-35 cm. high; stem straight leafy; leaves several strap-shaped acuminate erect-incurved, 6-10 cm. long, the upper gradually smaller, the sheaths almost entirely covering the stem; spike oblong, densely many-fl., bracts ovate lanceolate acuminate withered and blackened towards the apex, longer than the flowers; perianth more expanded and more erect than in the rest of the genus; odd sepal oblong, very obtuse; side sepals anticous, joined for nearly their whole length into a single trowel shaped emarginate piece; petals somewhat square, concave, the outer angles rounded, margin crenulate; limb of the lip linear acute deflexed, appendage widely clawed at the base, then subspathulate and curved forward above, keeled in front; column of two horizontal strap-shaped arms standing edge wise closely applied to each other and curving forward, the outer one bearing at either extremity a cell of the anther, the inner bearing the rostellum with the gland; stigmas 2, situate in front upon the inner process, one upon.

Colour of the flowers smoky or ashy-brown, with darker stripes on the petals; limb of the lip pale green, the appendage dark emerald green, anthercells rosy, rostellum purple. The flowers are about 5 mm, long, and 7 mm. wide.

SW. Cape Prov.