Brownleea galpinii Bolus, Icon. Orchid. Austro-Afric. 1: t. 42 (1893).
Plants 150-500 mm tall; basal sheaths usually 2, the inner pale brown, ribbed, often more or less mottled with small mucronate patches, acute, 50-100 (-140) mm long; leaves 2 (-4), cauline, blades very acute, subconduplicate, lowest leaf larger, prominently ribbed, 60-200 x 5-15 mm. Inflorescences capitate, often secund, 5-25-flowered, 15-45 mm long and 10-30 mm in diameter. Flowers c. 5 mm in diameter, white to cream. Median sepal galea 5-10 mm tall and c. 2 mm deep; spur slender, obtuse, parallel to the ovary, straight, 3.5-6 mm long; lateral sepals 6-10 x 2-4 mm. Petals narrowly oblong-pandurate, basal anticous lobe flanking the stigma, apical lobe spreading fanlike, frequently with small, purplish spots. Lip 0.8-2.5 mm long, linear. Anther upcurved, apex frequently touching the rostellum; stigma vertical; rostellum c. 3 mm tall.
A key to the subspecies of Brownleea galpinii
Zimbabwe to S. Africa