Zeuxine madagascariensis Schltr., Ann. Inst. Bot.-Géol. Colon. Marseille, III, 1: 162 (1913).
Herbs, 40-60 cm tall, stem bearing in its lower half 8-10 petiolate leaves (petiole 1.5-2 cm.), elliptical-lanceolate (7-9 x 1.7-2.2 cm.), compressed basally and acuminate apically, then above with several puberulent glandular sheaths toward the apex. Inflorescence nearly loose, many flowered; bracts shorter than the ovary; flowers puberulent glandular exteriorly. Sepals thick, opaque, sub equal (5-5.5 x 3 mm) and oval-obtuse Petals (6 x 2 mm), thinner and 1 veined, forming a hood with the median sepal. Labellum 10 mm long, very thick in its lower two-thirds, swollen-gibbous basally, with 2 rounded calluses in the pit the hump, which is 3 mm wide, then contracted in a wide isthmus 0.7 mm wide, with its entry guarded by 2 other obtuse calluses, provided medially with a deep furrow which is tipped in front with a wide, bilobed lobule. Anther 2.2 mm tall, cordate basally, contracted medially with an obtuse beak; filiment thin and short; pollina solitary per lobe; viscidiums common in the form of a lamina, obviously joined to the pollina by a short cauda, but obvious; staminodes very thick, angular, nearly dentate on their posterior edges. points of the rostellum short (0.4 mm). Stigmas in 2 distinct cushions. Ovary 1 cm long, villous-glandular.
Terrestrials from 1700 m. alt.; flowering in April.
N. Madagascar

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Botanical Drawing / Herbarium
zeuxine madagascariensis
Photograph copyright Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Herbarium Jany Renz Image used with kind permission.