Oeonia madagascariensis (Schltr.) Bosser, Bull. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat., B, Adansonia 1984: 370 (1984).
Homotypic Synonyms:
Perrieriella madagascariensis Schltr., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 33: 366 (1925).
Plants thin, stems pendent to 15 cm long leaves very numerous, small and narrow (20-25 x 3-5 mm), obtuse and slightly fleshy. Inflorescence equaling the length of the leaves or slightly shorter, one flowered but with the rudiments of a second; peduncle 12-14 mm long, bearing 1-2 short basal sheaths, the remainder hare, bracts deltoid much shorter than the pedicel; flowers small, greenish. Median sepal concave, slightly obovate (6 x 3 mm) obtuse with 5 slightly visible veins; lateral sepals of the same form, but longer and narrower (7 x 2.5 mm,), Petals smaller (5 x 2.3 mm), margins carinate, 3 veined. Labellums inferior lobes rounded, wider than long (2.5 mm), denticulate-carinate on the forward margins; middle lobe with a short, wide isthmus (1 x 3 mm) and narrowly transversed lamina (3 x 7-10 mm), lateral edges rounded and the lower and lateral margins crenate; labellum and spur obscuring the remainder of the flower, sub-horizontal, undulate in the form of an S; spur not noticeably attenuate to the spur oriface, which is widest apically, cylindrical and thin, 12 mm long. Column wider than long (l mm), auricles obliquely ascending, attenuate, obtuse, 2.5 mm long and 1.2 mm wide basally, clinandrium villous and with obscure margins, median lobe of the rostellum lingulate, thick, obtuse and villous above. Anther with a connective appendage, visibly thickened, slightly verrucose above, provided frontally with a very long (2 mm), narrowly deltoid, attenuate, bifid rostrum; pollina l mm in diameter; cauda hyaline and slightly attenuate frontally, 2 mm long; viscidiums very long, narrowly elliptical, opaque and white, turned tip behind the rostellum. Pedicel 6 mm long,
Pendent epiphytes; in mossy forests, from 2000 m alt.; flowering in January.
As given for the genus.
N. Madagascar
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