Oeonia brauniana H.Wendl. & Kraenzl. in H.G.Reichenbach, Xenia Orchid. 3: 172 (1900).
Plants with stems 6-8 cm long, compressed leaves generally 6, obovate-oblong (6 x 2 cm generally) unequally bilobed apically and of a bright green. Cluster many flowered, slightly longer than the leaves, single flowered on the specimen studied; bracts small, triangular; pedicel 15mm long; flowers of a light citron, labellum white. Median sepal oblong, obtusely apiculate, the laterals slightly longer and narrower basally. Petals obovate-oblong, obtuse, much longer than the sepals. Labellum longer than the sepals. Labellum longer than the sepals and petals, widely embracing the column, lateral lobes inferior, papillous puberulent above, short with their margins irregular and obliquely traingular median lobe 4-lobed, the laterals obovate oblong, rectangular, obtuse and diverging, the medians oblong, sickle-shaped and forked; spur short, compressed, wide, obtuse apically. Column very short, wider than tall. Anther depressed, deeply sinuate in front; pollina compressed; retinacles 2.
In humid forests at low to medium elevations.
As given for the genus, warm to cool growing epiphyte.
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In culture
Oeonia brauniana 01
Photograph© Lourens Grobler. Image used with kind permission.