Lemurella papillosa Bosser, Adansonia, n.s., 10: 372 (1970).
Plant small and slender with stem 5-6 cm long. Leaves in 2 rows, somewhat leathery, linear-oblong, twisted at the base so that they lie in the plane of the stem, 3 cm long, 7-8 mm wide. Inflorescences slender, pendent, 1- to several-flowered, pubescent or papillose, prolonged after the last flower in a slender sterile axis 1—1.5 cm long; peduncle slender, papillose, 3—5 cm long; bracts deltoid, 3—3.5 mm long; pedicel with ovary papillose, 10-12 mm long. Flowers green, fleshy, widely spaced (2-3 cm) on the inflorescence when there are several; dorsal sepal lanceolate, acute, 8 mm long, 2-3 mm wide; lateral sepals linear-lanceolate, 8 mm long, 2.5 mm wide; petals linear-lanceolate, 6 mm long, 1.7—2 mm wide; lip 3-lobed, basal lobes rounded, erect, mid-lobe lanceolate, acute, apex recurved, lip in total 5-6 mm long; spur slender, 2.5 cm long.
Epiphyte in humid, evergreen forests; 800-1000 m; flowering January to May.
This species is easily recognised by the long, papillose peduncles, well-spaced flowers, and long, slender spur.
As given for the genus.
N. & NE. Madagascar
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