Erasanthe henrici subsp. isaloensis P.J.Cribb, Hermans & D.L.Roberts, Adansonia, III, 29: 30 (2007).
Heterotypic Synonyms:
Aeranthes henrici var. isaloensis H.Perrier ex Hermans, Orchids Madagascar, ed. 2: 287 (2007).
Differing from the type by the bracts which are triangular-acute; the flowers smaller (m. sep. 7.5 cm.; lat. seps. 7.5 cm: pets. 6.3 cm.; lab. 6 cm.) and of a white flushed with greenish; the labellum with its basal lamina elliptical-transverse (35 x 42 mm) elongated by a (10 x 10 mm) square lamina and a shorter (15 mm) acumin: the column longer (10 mm); the spur (11-12cm) and the pedicel (30-32 mm.) shorter. Other difference are found in the column which is provided with a tooth on its lower front, forming a projection in the spur oriface; the anther 6 mm wide with its front margins heavily indented and shaded with brown: the pollina are large (3.5 x 2 mm) and oval: the cauda (2 mm) are enlarged and angular-twisted; the viscidiums blackish, and the lobes of the rostellum forming 2 angular and conntigious teeth 4 mm. long.
Epiphyte, forests in sandstone areas from 900 m. alt.; flowering: March.
As given for the genus.
N. Madagascar
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