Mystacidium flanaganii (Bolus) Bolus, Trans. S. African Philos. Soc. 16: 145 (1905).
Homotypic Synonyms:
Angraecum flanaganii Bolus, Icon. Orchid. Austro-Afric. 1: 52 (1896).
A dwarf species. Roots fine, sometimes flexuous. Leaves two to five, to 3 cm x 4-7 mm, strap-shaped or elliptic. Inflorescences pendent, 5-6 cm long, rather laxly 5- to 10-flowered. Flowers pate green or yellowish-white, 8-10 mm in diameter, arranged in two rows. Dorsal sepal and petals 2 x l mm,; lateral sepals 4 x l mm, obliquely lanceolate from a narrow base. Lip 2 mm long, lanceolate, acute, recurved, with a slender spur 2-3 cm long tapering from a wide mouth.
Epiphytic on twigs and small branches in relatively cool, moist forests; sometimes in warmer scrub. Attitude not known.
From habitat descriptions it should require moderate to heavy shade and high humidity, at intermediate temperatures.
S. Africa
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Photograph© Lourens Grobler. Image used with kind permission. Photograph© Lourens Grobler. Image used with kind permission.