Distylodon comptum Summerh., Kew Bull. 20: 197 (1966).
Plant dwarf with a short flattened stem 1.5 cm long. Leaves ovate or elliptic-lanceolate, twisted at the base so that they lie in one plane, unequally and acutely bilobed at the apex, 7-17 mm long, 4-8 mm wide. Inflorescence slender, 2.2 cm long, single-flowered; peduncle 10-18 mm long; bract ovate, acute, 3 mm long; pedicel with ovary 9 mm long. Flower pale green, not opening fully; dorsal sepal lanceolate, acute, 6.5 mm long, 2.25 mm wide; lateral sepals obliquely lanceolate, acute or acuminate, 7-8 mm long, 2 mm wide; petals lanceolate, acute or acuminate, 6-6.5 mm long, 2-2.5 mm wide; lip 3-lobed in basal half, concave at base, side lobes narrowly oblong, erect, subacute, midlobe much longer, lanceolate, acuminate, fleshy, 4-4.5 mm long, overall size of lip 6.5 mm long, 3-3.5 mm wide at base; spur narrow, cylindric, straight, 6.5-7 mm long.
Epiphyte in forest; ca. 1000 m; probably flowering in April.
As given for the genus.
Rwanda to SW. Uganda
WCSP (2017). 'World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. 15.03.2017;
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