Diaphananthe ceriflora J.B.Petersen, Bot. Tidsskr. 49: 167 (1952).
Plant with a short stem, to 4 cm long. Leaves 6, oblanceolate, articulated to the sheathing base, unequally bilobed at the apex, leathery, 31-35 cm long, 8.5-9 cm wide. Inflorescences pendent, with peduncle bearing many brownish sheaths, 22 cm long; flowering part 11 cm long bearing 21 flowers close together; bracts green. Flowers yellowish, waxy with a prominent, horizontal column; dorsal sepal ovate, acute, 13-14 mm long, 5-6 mm wide; lateral sepals similar but somewhat oblique, 14-15 mm long, 5-6 mm wide; petals similar, minutely serrate at the apex, 12-13 mm long, 5 mm wide 10-11 mm long, 20 mm wide, margins finely denticulate and deflexed, apex subretuse; spur straight cylindric, tapering to a point 11-12 mm long.
Epiphyte on a liana above a stream; 500 m.
As given for the genus.
Cameroon to Gabon
WCSP (2017). 'World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. 26.02-2017;
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