Key to the species of Cribbia.


1 Lip obovate, spur ascending; inflorescence pendent Cribbia pendula
  Lip lanceolate, ovate or elliptic; spur pendent; inflorescence erect or suberect 2
2 Lateral sepals more than 10 mm long; spur usually shorter than the lip Cribbia confusa
  Lateral sepals less than 7 mm long; spur more or less equal to or longer than the lip 3
3 Lip elliptic or lanceolate, spur more or less equal to lip in length Cribbia brachyceras
  Lip ovate-subcordate; spur longer than the lip Cribbia thomensis

World Checklist of Selected Plant Families.. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; accessed 25/02/2017