Angraecopsis macrophylla Summerh., Bot. Mus. Leafl. 14: 249 (1951).
Plant pendent with a short stem 3–6 cm long. Leaves 2–4, twisted at the base so that they lie in one plane, linear to oblanceolate, falcate, acutely bilobed at the apex, 13–35 cm long, 1.4–2.2 cmwide. Infl orescences erect, bearing many flowers in the apical half, 10–20 cm long; bracts triangular, 1 mm long; pedicel with ovary 0.8–1.3 cm long. Flowers white; dorsal sepal elliptic, obtuse, 2.5 mm long, 2 mm wide; lateral sepals dependent, spathulate, rounded, 5.5 mm long, 1.7 mm wide; petals obliquely ovate-triangular, acute, 2.5 mm long, 2.7–3 mm wide; lip 3-lobed in the middle, subauriculate at the base, side lobes linear-lanceolate, 1–1.5 mm long, mid-lobe narrowly elliptic, obtuse, longer than side lobes, in total 5.5–6.5 mm long, 4 mm wide; spur incurved, cylindrical, swollen at the apex, 10–11 mm long.
Epiphyte at low levels in evergreen forest; ca. 1000 m; flowering in June.
As given for the genus.
Ivory Coast, SW. Uganda, Ethiopis
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