Ancistrorhynchus serratus Summerh., Kew Bull. 20: 195 (1966).
Plant with erect stems, sometimes branched, up to 10 cm long. Leaves in 2 rows, spaced close together near apex of stem, linear-ligulate, with rounded apical lobes that are irregularly serrate, 5–11 cm long, 7–10 mm wide. Inflorescences capitate, dense, 1 cm long, several- to many-flowered; bracts chaffy, shorter than the pedicel with ovary. Flowers white; sepals oblong-elliptic, 3–3.5 mm long, 1.25 mm wide; petals oblanceolate, acute, 3 mm long, 1 mm wide; lip obscurely 3-lobed, distinctly broader than long, 2.5 mm long, 4.25 mm wide; spur straight, funnel-shaped at first, then constricted, finally inflated in the apical quarter, 4–4.5 mm long.
Epiphyte in forest; ca. 1500 m; flowering in May.
As given for the genus, cool growing epiphyte.
Bioko, S. Nigeria to Cameroon
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