Ancistrorhynchus crystalensis P.J.Cribb & Laan, Kew Bull. 44: 481 (1989).
An epiphytic or rarely a lithophytic herb with a short stem, up to 6 cm long, c. 1 cm diam., covered by sheathing leaf bases; roots more or less basal, 3-5 mm diam. Leaves 6-13, distichous, arcuate-spreading, arranged in a fan, coriaceous, linear, unequally bilobed at apex, 30-50 x 1-8-2 cm, each apical lobe bearing 2-3 short teeth, articulated to the sheathing leaf bases, 2-5-4 cm long. Inflorescences 1-2, emerging through the lower leaf bases, up to 3-5 cm long, subcapitate, densely 10-13-flowered; peduncle covered by large sterile imbricate bracts c. 1 cm long. Flowers large in the genus, white with a green mark on the lip; pedicel and ovary 12-13 mm long, scabrid. Dorsal sepal elliptic, obtuse, 9-10 mm long, 4 mm wide; lateral sepals obliquely oblong- elliptic, obtuse, 10-11 x 4 mm; all sepals scabrid on the outer surface. Petals oblong-elliptic, obtuse, 7-8 x 5 mm. Lip 3-lobed, 5-6 mm long, 8-9 mm wide, concave; side lobes erect, semi-circular; midlobe transversely elliptic- semicircular, broader than long; spur ? parallel to the ovary, 13-14 mm long, dilated at the mouth, constricted 4-5 mm from the apex, inflated- ellipsoidal at apex. Column 4 mm long; pollinia 2, ovoid; stipites oblanceolate, joined at base; viscidium oblong-elliptic; rostellum bifid, reflexed in the basal half, abruptly recurved in the middle so that the apical half is porrect.
Epiphyte or lithophyte, flowering in August.
As given for the genus.
WC. Trop. Africa
Angraecoid Orchids Stewart, Hermans and Campbell 2006; WCSP (2017). 'World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. 10.03-2017;
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Photograph©Rogier van Vugt. Image used with kind permission. Photograph©Rogier van Vugt. Image used with kind permission. Photograph©Rogier van Vugt. Image used with kind permission.