Ancistrorhynchus akeassiae Pérez-Vera, Orchidées Côte D'Ivoire: 56 (2003).
Plant erect or pendent with a curved stem 5-25 cm long. Leaves in 2 rows, narrowly lanceolate, rigid, unequally bilobed at the apex, the longer lobe narrow and pointed up to 2 cm long, the shorter lobe absent, 5-13 cm long, 3-12 mm wide. Inflorescences axillary, in short congested racemes 12-14 mm long, bearing 7-10 flowers produced simultaneously along the stem; bracts 1 mm long; pedicel with ovary 3-4 mm long. Flowers white, greenish on the outer surface; sepals oblong, subacute, 2-2.5 mm long; petals similar but narrower; lip 3-lobed, lateral lobes erect, rounded, mid-lobe cordate, recurved, margins crenulate, lip in total 5 mm long; spur S-shaped, wide at the base, then constricted, finally inflated in an egg-shaped tip, 3-4 mm long.
Named in honour of Laurent Ake Assi, who collected the first specimen in 1966 whilst professor of botany at the University of Abidjan.
Epiphyte in shady, humid forests; 100-500 m; flowering in May.
As given for the genus, hot growing epiphyte.
This species was at first confused with Ancistrorhynchus straussii, which has differently shaped leaves and smaller flowers.
W. Trop. Africa
Angraecoid Orchids Stewart, Hermans and Campbell 2006; WCSP (2017). 'World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. 10.03-2017;
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