Aerangis concavipetala H.Perrier, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 7: 35 (1938).
Plants acaulis or sub acaulis, epiphytic, with compressed roots, 3-4 mm wide. Stem covered by the sheaths, having 11-13 heavy veins, leaves 3-4, obovate-oblong (8-11 x 2.8-3.5 cm), obtuse, attenuate basally. Inflorescence 20-30cm. long. peduncle 2-3 times longer than the actual loose flower cluster, 12-15 flowered; bracts obtuse, 2-2.5 mm long, longer than the basal articulation of the pedicel. Median sepal widely oval (7 x 5 cm), very obtuse and apiculate. with 3 reddish veins; laterals similar but slightly longer and narrower Petals deeply concave, suborbicular (5 mm in diameter), cucullate-apiculate, 5 veined. Labellum navicular (8 x 9 mm), deeply concave, apiculate, with 9 reddish veins; spur 8-9 cm long, attenuate is the upper half and slightly swollen apically. Anther 2 mm wide, truncate, slightly narrower behind. Column 4 .5-5 mm long, margins of the stigma ribbed, rounded and slightly dilate; clinandrium margins entire; rostellum 3 mm wide, attenuate basally, acute apically.
On trunks, flowering in June.
As given for the genus.
NW. Madagascar
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