Key to the Eulophia in section Lissolophia
Pseudobulbs (tubers) 3-6, hypogenous, in a horizontal, linear series, fleshy, flat, more or less rhomboid, bare and smooth, with narrow scarious bracts, racemes originating from underneath the most recent bulb, generally producing 2 buds simultaneously, 1 being the emerging flower spike and the other being the new growth bud; leaves green, narrow, membranous, graminiform or nearly so, caducous, not articulate, detached basally from their sheaths. Developing the new buds underneath the bulbs; racemes simple.

1a Flowers relatively small (divisions 10 mm. long at most); lower portion of the loose raceme sheathed, column less than 4 mm. long   
2a Petals widely oval or suborbicular, larger than the sepals, very obtuse apically, 5-7 veined, veins .densely branched, reddish in color
and very widely  obcuneiform, provided with yellow calluses and a short row of warts basally; anther provided behind with 3 appendages,
the median of which is much larger and reddish, than the white laterals 
Eulophia reticulata 
1b Flowers large (sepals to more than 10 mm. long); column at least 5mm. long   
3a Lateral sepals adnate basally to the labellum; inferior edges of the lateral lobes of the labellum not longer than the column; anther with
a large posterior appendage, enlarged and nearly bilobed apically; racemes of 20-25 flowers, longer than the peduncle; median lobe of
the labellum smaller than the laterals or equal to them 
Eulophia grandidieri 
4a Lateral sepals free; inferior margins of the lateral lobes of the labellum as long as the column; anther with a projecting, posterior
appendage; rachis few flowered (7-10), shorter than the peduncle; median lobe of the labellum 2-3 times longer than the laterals 
Eulophia livingstoneana 
5a Labellum not obviously 3 lobed, inferior margins often enlarged and upright, apical margins sinate-crisped; plants large, 50 cm.-1 m.
tall; raceme loose, with the flowers nearly to the base; leaves more or less wide, with their widest point clearly medially and with both
ends clearly attenuate; petals white, with all the remaining parts green, yellowish or reddish; bracts equal to or longer than the pedicel 
Eulophia plantaginea 
6a Racemes dense, widely elliptical, not more than twice as long as wide; flowers yellow, more than 16 mm. long; bracts equal to or
slightly longer than the pedicel 
Eulophia rutenbergiana 
7a Leaves very plicate, more than 10mm. wide; flowers reflective, very close to the rachis; sepals narrow and 3 veined; median lobe of
the labellum forming a small cone; flowers reddish; bracts one-third the length of the pedicel 
Eulophia nervosa 
8a Leaves not more than 3 mm. wide; flowers slightly tilting during anthesis, then upright; sepals wider, 5 veined; median lobe of the
labellum attached; labellum rose; bracts more than half the length of the pedicel or equal to it 
Eulophia hians var. nutans 


World Checklist of Monocotyledons. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; accessed 26/08/2019