Key to the genus Eulophia group E
Sepals erect, semi-erect or spreading, longer and usually narrower than the petals.

1 Flowers suberect, facing upwards  2
1a Flowers spreading or nutant  4
2 Sepals 11–13 mm long; lip callus of 3–7 ridges and no papillae  Eulophia rhodesiaca
2a Sepals 16–19 mm long; lip with a papillose mid-lobe  3
3 Sepals 1–2 mm wide; spur 7–10 mm long; column 5–6 mm long  Eulophia katangensis
3a Sepals 5 mm wide; spur 10–20 mm long; column 3 mm long  Eulophia saxicola
4 Leaves well developed at flowering time  5
4a Leaves absent, vestigial or just starting to develop at flowering time 6
5 Leaves 7–12 mm wide; lip with 3–7 lamellae running along the length, but lacking papillae  Eulophia monticola
5a Leaves 3–8 mm wide; lip with 4 lines of papillae on the mid-lobe  Eulophia hians
6 Lip lacking papillae on the mid-lobe 7
6a Lip with few to many papillae on the mid-lobe 9
7 Lip 10.5–13 mm long, the mid-lobe with tubercular keels; spur 4–5 mm long, cylindrical with a slightly inflated apex  Eulophia macaulayi
7a Flowers without the above combination of characters  8
8 Bracts 5–6 mm long; pedicel and ovary 16–17 mm long; lip 12–15 mm long with a crest of thin lamellae on main veins  Eulophia hereroensis
8a Bracts 12–13 mm long; pedicel and ovary 15–16 mm long; lip 18 mm long with several low ridges down the centre  Eulophia parviflora
9 Perennating organs pseudobulbous, conical, covered with fibrous sheaths, forming a short chain, mostly subterranean but usually with at least the tip showing above ground  10
9a Perennating organs a tuber or a branched fleshy rhizome, entirely subterranean  21
10 Lateral sepals with basal pouches  Eulophia rolfeana
10a Lateral sepals lacking basal pouches  11
11 Sepals and petals curled back in a spiral at the tips; papillae of lip 3–4 mm long Eulophia venulosa
11a Sepals and petals straight or with the tips reflexed but not curled in a spiral  12
12 Lip mid-lobe deflexed, purple or with a purple margin; leaves lanceolate, usually 5–10 mm wide, starting to develop at flowering time  13
12a Lip not as above; leaves, if present, 1–4 mm wide  14
13 Spur 3–4 mm long, straight or incurved; ovary and pedicel 13–25 mm long; petals 8–8.5 mm long; lip greenish or whitish with a purple margin and white or lilac papillae Eulophia seleensis
13a Spur 4–5 mm long, slightly S-shaped; ovary and pedicel 12–18 mm long; petals 8–12 mm long; lip mid-lobe purple with white papillae  Eulophia sabulosa
14 Spur conical or cylindrical, not swollen at apex  15
14a Spur swollen at apex  18
15 Spur 3.5–4 mm long, cylindrical from the conical lip base, pointing backwards, the tip decurved Eulophia brenanii
15a Spur not as above  16
16 Lip lilac or pinkish  Eulophia monotropis
16a Lip yellow or whitish 17
17 Sepals 8.5–11 mm long; spur straight or upcurved at tip  Eulophia penduliflora
17a Sepals 15–18 mm long; spur decurved  Eulophia mumbwaensis
18 Spur straight or upcurved at tip  Eulophia penduliflora
18a Spur deflexed or decurved  19
19 Sepals 10–15 mm long; flowers brown with a cream lip  Eulophia massokoensis
19a Sepals 15–20 mm long; flowers not as above 20
20 Sepals spreading, 15–18 mm long, purple-brown; lip yellow, spur reddish Eulophia mumbwaensis
20a Sepals erect, 16–20 mm long, golden-brown with maroon lines; lip green and gold, mid-lobe with a bright pink margin  Eulophia obstipa
21 Leaves vestigial, brown or purple  22
21a Leaves green, but often poorly developed at flowering time  24
22 Sepals erect, linear-spathulate, 15–40 mm long, almost always at least twice as long as the petals; spur 2–5 mm long, conical or cylindrical  Eulophia longisepala
22a Sepals not erect, linear or oblong, less than one and a half times as long as petals; spur mostly more than 5 mm long 23
23 Flowers brownish or yellow-green, not secund; bracts 9–25 mm long, linear-setose; sepals oblong, 2–3.5 mm wide; plant drying black Eulophia nyasae
23a Sepals purple-brown, petals pink-brown or yellow-purple; flowers ± secund; bracts 4–6(12) mm long, not setose; sepals linear, 1.5–2 mm wide; plant drying brown Eulophia subsaprophytica
24 Spur geniculate, swollen at apex Eulophia obstipa
24a Spur not geniculate slender, not swollen at apex 25
25 Spur 8–10 mm long, straight, slender  Eulophia brenanii
25a Spur 3–6 mm long, straight or slightly recurved  Eulophia acutilabra

World Checklist of Monocotyledons. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; accessed 04/08/2019