Key to the genus Eulophia group D
Sepals and petals similar; flowers bell-shaped.

1 Flowers bright orange or vermilion-red  2
1a Flowers green, yellow, white, pink or purplish  4
2 Sepals and petals linear, 2–5 mm wide; lip 2 mm wide; spur absent  Eulophia walleri
2a Sepals and petals more than 5 mm wide; lip more than 2 mm wide; spur present  3
3 Dorsal sepal 29–43 mm long; spur conical, 1–2 mm long  Eulophia aurantiaca
3a Dorsal sepal 19–33 mm long; spur cylindrical, 5 mm or more long Eulophia welwitschii
4 Flowers green or yellowish-green  5
4a Flowers not green  6
5 Dorsal sepal 15–26 mm long; spur 2–5 mm long  Eulophia adenoglossa
5a Dorsal sepal 10–15 mm long; spur absent; lip sometimes purple  Eulophia foliosa
6 Scape ± covered with brown, papery sheaths  7
6a Scape not covered with brown, papery sheaths  8
7 Dorsal sepal 18–22 mm long; flowers lemon-yellow, the lip usually deeper in colour; mid-lobe of lip with a few short papillae at the base  Eulophia nuttii
7a Dorsal sepal 9–14 mm long; flowers usually bright yellow but rarely purple; mid-lobe of lip ± covered with long orange-red papillae  Eulophia odontoglossa 
8 Inflorescence dense, capitate; lip with a contrasting darker, often purple blotch  9
8a Inflorescence lax or dense, but not capitate; lip without a contrasting blotch  11
9 Sepals 28–40 mm long; flowers yellow  Eulophia mechowii
9a Sepals 19–33 mm long; flowers white or pink  10
10 Flowers white; spur 1–3 mm long, conical, recurved  Eulophia thomsonii
10a Flowers pink or lilac; spur 2–4 mm long, cylindrical  Eulophia euantha
11 Flowers yellow  12
11a Flowers pink (sometimes very pale) to purplish 14
12 Dorsal sepal 4–9.5 mm long  Eulophia milnei
12a Dorsal sepal more than 15 mm long  13
13 Inflorescence densely many-flowered, almost capitate; bracts at base of inflorescence as long as or longer than the flowers; spur 4–7 mm long Eulophia ensata
13a Inflorescence 2–10-flowered, not capitate; bracts at base of inflorescence much shorter than the flowers; spur 2–3 mm long  Eulophia carsonii
14 Flowers dull mauve to purplish; callus of 2 lamellae running from base to centre of mid-lobe, lacking papillae  Eulophia rara
14a Flowers pale to deep pink or lilac; callus of 2 basal ridges turning into papillae on mid-lobe  15
15 Leaves grass-like, well developed at flowering time; lip 8–15 × 6–8 mm, the mid-lobe covered with lilac papillae; spur 1–2 mm long, conical  Eulophia trilamellata
15a Leaves just starting to develop at flowering time; lip 15–20 × 10–13 mm, with only a few long papillae; spur 3–6 mm long, cylindrical  Eulophia holubii

World Checklist of Monocotyledons. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; accessed 27/07/2019