Key to the Eulophia group C
Petals much broader than sepals, usually projecting over column.

1 Sepals spathulate, rounded and somewhat concave at the apex, ± erect  2
1a Sepals not as above  5
2 Lip ± ecallose, with 5 central veins only slightly thickened; sepals white with a green apex  Eulophia malangana
2a Lip with callus of 2–5 ridges; sepals yellow, brown or purple  3
3 Sepals yellow or purple-brown, petals and lip yellow; callus of 3 crenulate ridges raised in the basal half and tapering to the apex  Eulophia angolensis
3a Sepals purple to pink, petals and lip pink or rarely white; callus not as above  4
4 Lip with a callus of 2 subquadrate ridges in mouth of spur  Eulophia coeloglossa 
4a Lip with 3–5 crests of fimbriate outgrowths on mid-lobe  Eulophia caricifolia
5 Leaves evergreen, ribbed, very large (up to 2 m long); flowers purple-pink  Eulophia horsfallii
5a Leaves not as above; flowers yellow-green, yellow, pink, purple or bicoloured  6
6 Petals suborbicular, broadly elliptic or obovate, as broad as long or almost so  7
6a Petals oblong or elliptic, distinctly longer than broad  20
7 Base of lip saccate or very obscurely spurred  8
7a Base of lip distinctly spurred, the spur either conical or cylindrical 10
8 Flowers showy, pale to deep pink; petals 14–25 mm long; callus of 2 projections, 6 mm high, in throat  Eulophia cucullata
8a Petals pinkish or yellowish, 5–11 mm long; base of lip with a transverse, lacerate lamella  9
9 Petals and lip yellowish; petals 5–7(10) mm long; leaves ovate, usually partly developed at flowering time  Eulophia fridericii 
9a Petals and lip pinkish; petals 9–11 mm long; leaves ovate but usually absent at flowering time  Eulophia gonychila 
10 Leaves ovate; lip with 2 branched calli in mouth of spur  Eulophia dactylifera 
10a Leaves linear or lanceolate; callus not as above  11
11 Flowers pink; petals more than 20 mm long  Eulophia latilabris 
11a Flowers yellow or brownish; petals less than 20 mm long  12
12 Flowers large; petals and lip more than 12 mm long  13
12a Flowers small; petals and lip up to 10 mm long  15
13 Flowers bright yellow with only a few red veins on the lip; spur 1–4 mm long, conical  Eulophia speciosa
13a Flowers yellow and reddish-brown; spur 8–16 mm long, measured to apex of ovary  14
14 Spur ± straight or decurved at apex, 13–16 mm long  Eulophia orthoplectra
14a Spur upcurved at apex, 8–9 mm long  Eulophia schweinfurthii 
15 Spur cylindrical, lying parallel to the ovary and close to it  Eulophia hirschbergii
15a Spur conical not lying parallel to the ovary 16
16 Lateral sepals with an ear-like projection towards the base of the lower margin  Eulophia tuberculata
16a Lateral sepals not as above  17
17 Petals 4–5 mm long; lip 5–6 mm long; spur up to 1 mm long  Eulophia parvula
17a Petals 5–10.8 mm long; lip 6–10 mm long; spur 1–5 mm long  18
18 Lip wih 2 prominent yellow calli on basal half, the lower surface hollow underneath them  Eulophia arenicola
18a Lip with callus of 3–9 fleshy, rugulose ridges  19
19 Petals 8–10.6 mm long; spur 3–5 mm long Eulophia clitellifera
19a Petals 5–8 mm long; spur 1–3 mm long  Eulophia pyrophila
20 Sepals ± reflexed; flowers pink 21
20a Sepals erect or spreading; flowers yellow or buff, or with purple sepals and a white lip  22
21 Petals 17–20 mm long; spur 5–7 mm long, incurved; column 7–9 mm long  Eulophia calantha
21a Petals 21–25 mm long; spur 10 mm long, straight; column 10–11 mm long Eulophia tricristata
22 Flower ± as broad as tall; lip mid-lobe deflexed; callus of 7–11 low verrucose ridges; column 12–13 mm long Eulophia flavopurpurea 
22a Flower much broader than tall; lip mid-lobe not deflexed; callus of 2–4 basal lamellae with papillae at base of mid-lobe; column 3–6 mm long  Eulophia ovalis

World Checklist of Monocotyledons. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; accessed 28/07/2019